Rajeet Singh


Rajeet’s passion; psychology. His motto: ‘We are but a product of our thoughts’. Graduating in Law & Psych, he now runs an outsourcing startup (outmin.co.uk). He enjoys mixing cocktails and bombarding strangers with philosophy.

One Last Gift: 2 Things You Must Know To Give The Best Oral Sex Ever

By Rajeet Singh
A few months ago, the Internet was buzzing about an article about a man who details why he refuses to go down on women. Spoiler alert: He had a bad experience on his first attempt. Naturally, this had some members of the female population in…

How To Make Sense Of The Rage You Feel When Your Ex Moves On

By Rajeet Singh
While perusing Elite Daily one morning, I came across an article that discusses the rage you feel when a person who used to be obsessed with you moves on. It caught my attention because it’s a feeling a lot of us have had at some point. Granted, it…

Wanna Play? Why Dating Games Will Always Be Alive And Well

By Rajeet Singh
"I wish people would stop playing games when it comes to dating" is a phrase I've heard countless times. There have been more than a few articles dedicated to why everyone should stop messing around when it comes to matters of the heart. The thing…

Take Success By The Horns: 6 Ways To Define What It Means For You

By Rajeet Singh
Success: We all want it and if we have it, we want more of it. But, what exactly is success? Due to the socially connected nature of today’s society, we are able to see other people's success far more than ever before, along with an innumerable…

4 Reasons Why We Want That One Person That We Can’t Have

By Rajeet Singh
Most of us have experienced a burning desire for the one person who’s just out of reach, the one person we just cannot have. Maybe it’s because this person is taken; maybe because this person is too hard-to-get. Or, maybe, this person simply doesn’t…

These 4 Different Types Of Female Orgasms Are More Reasons To Have Sex

By Rajeet Singh
I don't think women, in general, have enough orgasms. This may seem like somewhat of an odd statement coming from a man, but it's my honest opinion. In recent years, more light has been shed on the elusive "big O." Society is becoming more…

Addressing The Ever-Perplexing Question, Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

By Rajeet Singh
It's a question that we’ve all faced at least once in our lives, and it divides opinions like the general public’s preferences on Marmite: Can men and women be just friends? I've met people who swear that men and women can never just be friends and…

Confidence: 5 Ways For You To Find A Healthy Balance

By Rajeet Singh
Whether you have more or less of it, we’re all aware that confidence plays a significant role in our lives. It can change the way we act at work, socially and not to mention, in our love lives, where our level of self-confidence can be the…

What Does Happiness Mean To You?: 6 Ways To Reach A Positive State Of Mind

By Rajeet Singh
Happiness. Ah, that ever-elusive state of mind that’s characterized by contentment, joy, satisfaction and pleasure. The United States holds the ideal in such high regard that “the pursuit of happiness” is seen as an inalienable human right, right…