Rachel Wegner


A Dutch freelance writer based in Paris. Cursed with an unstoppable urge for my opinion to be heard. Furthermore I write about the Parisian way of living, from an outsiders perspective via: http://avenuerachel.com/

What Living In Paris Is Like In The Aftermath Of The Attacks

By Rachel Wegner
On Friday, November 13 I spent a long, tense night sheltered in my apartment with my roommate, following the news until early morning. Feelings of shock, disbelief and gripe were taking over my body and mind that night. Only a few miles from my…

How My Transgender Friend Taught Me The Power Of Self-Love

By Rachel Wegner
A woman in her 20s will always have some battles to fight, and modern times seem to have made a lot of things easier for us. Growing up, however, was not one of them. With the media dictating the definition of beauty, it is natural to feel a little…

Is It Over Yet? 37 Thoughts A Girl Has During A Bad One-Night Stand

By Rachel Wegner
You don’t have to kiss many frogs before one turns into Prince Charming. Actually, Prince Charming often transforms into a frog the moment you two get down and dirty together. He seemed to be so perfect during the date, but the moment you get to it,…

Unexpected Side Effect: How Adult ADHD Gave Me An Identity Crisis

By Rachel Wegner
At 23, I was diagnosed with ADHD. This diagnosis helped me to understand, for the first time in my life, why I am more hyperactive, have less focus and behave extra impulsively, compared to "normal" people. Besides undergoing coaching and group…

All About Us: 7 Perks To Being A Generation Characterized By Narcissism

By Rachel Wegner
Millennials are a cursed, lost generation. We're nothing but a bunch of spoiled narcissists. We do not want to deal with reality, and we’ll stay in the Neverland of partying until adulthood knocks on our doors. Ironically criticized for not being…