Rachel Farnham


Rachel is a shameless book worm, red lipstick wearer, day dreamer and aspiring author. In her spare time she can be found writing, listening to Taylor Swift and cuddling her cat who detests affection.

Act Now, Think Later: 4 Realities Impulsive People Know To Be True

By Rachel Farnham
If my mind could paint a picture of an impulsive person he’d be technicolor splatters on white canvas. Impulsive people are generally acknowledged as being loud and vibrant, indecisive and carefree. They’re the people who have little restraint and…

7 Irritating Things Single, 20-Something Women Often Experience

By Rachel Farnham
I was babysitting an 11-year-old girl a short time ago, and while I was tucking the duvet under her legs and cocooning her in the sheets, we talked about love. The conversation centered on "Twilight," the open book on her bedside…

6 Reasons Why Living Far From Your Loved Ones Is The Absolute Worst

By Rachel Farnham
Misery encompasses different things for different people. For some, it’s loneliness, heartbreak or financial burden and for others — myself included — misery is missing the people you love and in this context, it refers to the distance that creates…

Why Losing Your Virginity Matters, But Not As Much As You Might Think

By Rachel Farnham
When a person is described as "virginal," it can correlate to purity. Visually, this image elicits a woman in a flowing white dress, who's innocent and naïve and yet to be corrupted by sexual activity. But, that’s not true, is it? Granted, in modern…

Subtle Sexism: Why We Need To Address Its Prevalence In Society

By Rachel Farnham
When I told my friend I’d never experienced sexism, she told me I had, and every woman had because we live in a patriarchal society. The term "patriarchy" was spat out like it was toxic on her tongue, and I resented being told my perception was…