Rachel Aldrich


Rachel Aldrich is a journalist living in New York City. She loves to eat exclusively carbs, sing exclusively Top 40 songs, and express her undying love for pajama sets. You can find her ordering iced coffee regardless of the weather.

Why You Should Dump Someone Who's Rude To Waitstaff

By Rachel Aldrich
Well, the short answer is that they must be an asshole. But if that isn't enough to make you dump that human, grab your bags and head for the hills, then consider this. I worked as a waitress for two years in college at a small town restaurant chain…

What My Parents' Almost-Divorce Taught Me About The Resilience Of Love

By Rachel Aldrich
I’m going to preface this story by saying I had an incredibly happy childhood, and this isn’t a reflection on all of my woes. I never wished for anything growing up, my parents loved me every day and I had a brother and a sister who (most of the…

Do We Still Care About Coldplay? In Defense Of The British Hitmakers

By Rachel Aldrich
On Thursday, November 5, Coldplay sneakily let fans know they would be releasing new music the following day. This announcement of a new single (which was accompanied by a super cryptic video taken on the London tube), off their…

Tell All Your Friends: The 5 Stages Of Receiving A Surprise D*ck Pic

By Rachel Aldrich
It’s an experience most women (sadly) understand very well. You open up your phone, excited to see a new notification. Hold up, though. Don’t get too excited just yet. That notification you think is going to be some thoughtful, personal message from…

21 Life Updates You Shouldn't Share With Your Family Over Thanksgiving

By Rachel Aldrich
After you leave your teenage years behind, you’d think your relatives would stop asking embarrassing questions over the dining room table during the holidays. Now that you've stopped growing approximately five years ago, you’ll never hear “You’ve…

Why Women Need To Stop Shaming Each Other On 'Slutoween'

By Rachel Aldrich
There are typically two camps of women when it comes to Halloween fashion: those who “go slut or go home,” and those who prefer to laugh in the face of gender norms by covering as much skin as possible. Rarely will you find a happy medium. I have…

The Bradley Cooper Effect: Why Men Should Speak Up About Their Salaries

By Rachel Aldrich
The gender wage gap is well documented in modern media. We all know the statistic of 79 cents to the dollar, in which women earn less than four-fifths of their male counterparts in the same jobs. If current rates continue, the gender wage gap won’t…

What Playboy's New 'No Nude' Policy Says About The Millennial Mindset

By Rachel Aldrich
A nude-less Playboy almost seems like an oxymoron. Since its first issue in 1953, Playboy has pretty much taught us to accept female nudity and an everywhere, all-the-time, yes-please kind of objectification of women. A scrubbed-clean Playboy,…