Pauline Carpentieri

Pauline graduated from the University of Arizona with a Creative Writing and Studio Art degree. After being thrown into the "real world" she adopted the gypsy life and has been living and working all over Europe. After some serious soul-searching she decided to finally commit to one place and now enjoys her life in New York City (though her travel bug will soon need to be satiated). Pauline likes to draw, read, play her ukulele, drink way too much tea, and sometimes dabble in photography.

5 Household Items To Lessen The Agony Of The Walk Of Shame

We’ve all done it... woken up frazzled, in an unfamiliar bed, questioning why the light seems so bright, why the sheets don’t feel right and oh, who that stranger is on the other side of the bed. The walk of shame is a rite of passage for all singles…
By Pauline Carpentieri