Paul Travis

Paul Travis is an author/singer living for the rush of big city lights and a self-proclaimed diva with a heart of gold willing to help anyone in the world that he possibly can. For more information check out

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5 Ways Expressing Daily Gratitude Is The Key To Finding Happiness

Life is kind like when Alice fell down the rabbit hole: a thrilling adventure. We search for our way through the unknown and end up getting lost in a big crazy world. During the time Alice spent in Wonderland, her main goal was to find her way to hap…
By Paul Travis

Actions Speak Loudest: What Your Body Language Says About Who You Are

We are the authors of our stories. Our gestures and thoughts create the image not only of the character, but the world around them. Have you heard of the "show, don't tell" method? While writing my first novel, I learned a lot about this and am about…
By Paul Travis