Olivia Yusuf


Olivia is a recent WesternU grad with a Criminology degree who hopes to pursue a career in Communications. Her interests includes immigration law, traveling, and popular culture. You can find more of her writing at Unwritten (www.readunwritten.com/author/oliviayusuf/)

Breaking Down Why Americans Are More Accepting Of Immigrants Than Refugees

By Olivia Yusuf
We use the terms immigrants and refugees so interchangeably that it makes it seem like both sets of groups have the same experience. In reality, the experiences and classifications for what it means to be an immigrant or refugee differs greatly. To…

7 Moments That Make You Question Why You Got Out Of Bed This Morning

By Olivia Yusuf
We all have those days where we just want to give up on life, curl into bed and not pay attention to any of our responsibilities. These are days when nothing seems to be going right, or we're just annoyed with everyone in the world. It's times like…

5 Ways To Gracefully Bail On Someone When You're All Out Of Excuses

By Olivia Yusuf
In a society where we're consistently competing against one another, many of us are overachievers. There always seems to be so much that captures my interest, and it feels like every week, my to-do list gets longer and longer. It's in my nature to…

Why Celebrating Multiculturalism Is The Most American Thing You Can Do

By Olivia Yusuf
Growing up, my parents made me attend every cultural event held in our city or neighboring states. (Why must New Jersey be so close to New York?) The out-of-state ones were the worst. Not only did I have to spend the day at an Indonesian party, but…

What It's Like To Have Your Citizenship Challenged As An Anchor Baby

By Olivia Yusuf
Imagine being told you don’t deserve a right you have inherited from birth. Imagine being told this right should be taken away from you. Imagine being labelled and told you are only being used. That is how anchor babies feel every day of their…

6 Things People Expect From You As The Perpetually Late Friend

By Olivia Yusuf
For me, being late is inevitable. I have come to terms with it. No matter how early I set my alarm or start getting ready, I am always late. In my defense, being late started from birth. My mother gave birth to me a week late, and she never lets me…

5 Differences Between New Year's Eve As A Kid Vs. A 20-Something

By Olivia Yusuf
Let's be honest: After Christmas, the only thing on everyone's minds are the sales and New Years' Eve. While New Year's Eve is an exciting night, there is so much effort that goes into the night, even if it’s just a low-key night with friends. Here…

6 Reasons 'Quantico' Is The Most Gripping, Feminist Show On TV

By Olivia Yusuf
If you haven't started watching "Quantico" yet, do it now (or over Christmas break once finals are over). There are only ten episodes so far, so you should be able to catch up in a day or two. This show is my new obsession, and it features…

What I Want Donald Trump To Know, From A Child Of Immigrants

By Olivia Yusuf
As the presidential race becomes more heated, candidates are becoming more personal. They are targeting each other, as well as certain groups in America. Republican candidate Donald Trump has been very outspoken about his stance on immigrants. For…