Olivia Cross


Olivia is a proud Ithaca College Alumna, who graduated with a degree in Journalism from the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Her interests include fitness, food, fashion, and travel. If you can't find her around New York City, you can definitely find her at the beach.

Why Deactivating Social Media Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

By Olivia Cross
Like almost everyone in this world, I'm completely immersed in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat -- you name it, chances are I've scrolled through it in the last hour. There's just something so rewarding about posting a fire…

An Open Letter To The Ex I Cannot Thank Enough For Ending Our Relationship

By Olivia Cross
Dear Ex, Just like any couple, we shared wonderful memories I'm sure neither of us will ever forget. You allowed me to experience true happiness. Thank you for making me laugh and for making long distance seem easy. Thank you for supporting me and…

10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Leos In Your Search For A Partner

By Olivia Cross
Dating a Leo (July 23-August 22) is an experience unlike any other. We may be crazy, but we are definitely known to be the best, funniest, most amazing people to you'll ever have privilege wine and dine. Here are 10 reasons dating a Leo is…

Do It For You: How To Commit To A Fitness Plan And Follow Through

By Olivia Cross
What happens when the person you’re trying to stay in shape for leaves, or your crush actually isn’t into a physically fit person? Fitness should be done for the betterment of yourself, never for anyone else. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve…

7 Things To Consider About Interning In A City That's New To You

By Olivia Cross
Nothing compares to venturing out to a new place or surrounding yourself with new people, all for the opportunity of a long-term payoff. As hesitant or apprehensive as you may feel, if you follow your gut that the job will reward you in the end,…