Olga Baker


Olga Baker is a Ukrainian-born and Los Angeles-based writer and poet. When not writing, she spends her days exploring her new home, capturing sunsets and searching for the tastiest cinnamon roll in the world.

The Price Of Love Is Pain: What I Understand About The World After 2016

By Olga Baker
If I were to choose one word to describe the year of 2016, it would be crazy. Pretty much everyone I know has faced some major challenge, and most world news updates were far from happy. Yet, as it often happens, the toughest times bring about the…

5 Things You Need To Know If You Don't Feel Ready For College Graduation

By Olga Baker
Your final thesis is polished and ready for submission, the on-campus career advisor seems optimistic about your future, and your family is cheering loudly as you are approaching the finishing line of your college marathon. There is only one person…

If You Can't Answer These 3 Questions, You're Not Over Your Ex

By Olga Baker
You just got ditched by your SO, and it feels pretty damn bad. Your pride is hurt, but you are determined to prove you don't go down that easily. You go out there, grab a drink and meet someone you really like. Well, maybe, not really, but it…

4 Signs You Should Keep Your Relationship Long-Distance (For Now)

By Olga Baker
You are in love with this absolutely incredible person who lives a few time zones away. You get completely swept away by your SO every time you meet, and you can't get enough of him or her. It's so romantic and so different from everything you've…

5 Ways Family Members Can Support Each Other When They're Grieving Together

By Olga Baker
A few weeks ago, we lost a very beloved member of our family. It didn't happen out of the blue. Half a year before he passed, he had a severe stroke and suffered unrecoverable brain damage. As one of the most cheerful, active and outgoing people I…

5 Millennial Girl Bosses Who Prove That You Too Can Reach Success

By Olga Baker
You are a 20-something female. You have this stellar business idea, and you believe it's what you want to do. You are determined to work hard and do what it takes to succeed, but you don't have rich parents, a business degree or investors lining up…

5 Badass Women Who Built Their Empires Without A College Degree

By Olga Baker
In our age of technological development and spreading education, a college degree is increasingly regarded as a requirement, rather than a desired bonus. Many employers won't even bother to look at your resume if it can't boast four years of higher…

5 Oddly Specific Ways To Make Your Mascara Last (Almost) Forever

By Olga Baker
Mascara is an essential elements of any makeup bag. Unless you’ve been blessed with extraordinarily thick eyelashes, chances are high that you rely on this little wonder to create a finished look. Even used on its own, mascara can instantly…