Nylah Burton

Nylah Burton is a Lifestyle Writer at Bustle, where she covers topics related to mental health, health, social justice, and identity. Nylah also has bylines in New York Magazine, ESSENCE, The Nation, Lilith Magazine, and Alma, among others. Her essays and original reporting on issues pertaining to Jews of Color have been widely circulated. Nylah also works as a sexual assault prevention specialist, where she facilitates community discussions that attempt to dismantle rape culture. She studied Caribbean literature at Howard University. In her spare time, Nylah likes to write mediocre poetry and marathon 2000s-era teen dramas on Netflix. Gilmore Girls is her weakness. She also likes to cook new recipes and spend half her paycheck at the bookstore. You can follow Nylah on Twitter at @yumcoconutmilk. If you’re interested in learning more about Nylah and reading more of her work, check out her portfolio at https://nylahburton.contently.com.

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