Nora Trotman

Nora Trotman is a political junkie, copy writer and wanna-be vegan. She spends her spare time doing her best impersonation of a real adult.

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4 Ways To Tell You'll Succeed At A Company Before You Even Accept An Offer

Isn't it crazy how we spend 15 plus years in a classroom, and then we are metaphorically kicked out of the nest right after graduation? When I first began looking for a job post-grad, I had no idea how to tell whether or not a company was legitimate.…
By Nora Trotman

The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Considering A Job Offer

It's been almost a year since I began job searching for the first time. I remember my apprehension, confusion and excitement like it was yesterday. Landing your first job is a milestone you won't soon forget, no matter whether it ends up being a posi…
By Nora Trotman