Nina Vir

Nina was born and raised in LA but is currently a student at Babson College in Boston where she is studying business and entrepreneurship. Her hobbies include playing dress up, sipping tea, and perfecting her down dog. She is the creator of Daily Dress Me, a website that streamlines your mornings by telling you what to wear based on the weather. Her goal is to harness the power of business, innovation, and creativity to make a positive difference in the world.

What Makes America, America: 14 Things The US Does Differently

We say we have wanderlust. So we travel to Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. But then we start missing WiFi. And friendly strangers. And wearing sweatpants in public. And everything in abundance. America has plenty to celebrate (as it did this July 4t…
By Nina Vir

14 Simple Tips For Getting Your Body And Mind In Shape This Summer Season

At some point, we've all felt that feeling that's best be described as: "Ugh." As college students, we’re all guilty of one too many late nights, 2 am Dominos, way too much caffeine and overall unbalanced diets. During the school year, our bodies are…
By Nina Vir