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Nikki calls the world her home due to her insatiable wanderlust. She is passionate about elephants, sarcasm, and black coffee. See her unfiltered: instagram: nikkivee503

This Is Why Your Ex Has Moved On And You're Still Not Over The Breakup

By Nikki Vee
It's like living with phantom limb syndrome. That's always my response when people ask how life after a breakup is. You feel like a part of you that is no longer there still is. You grieve, you do the angry thing, you dabble in excessive drinking…

Shut It Down: Why You Should Never Snoop Through Your Partner's Phone

By Nikki Vee
"Heyy stranger :)" glows dimly across my boyfriend's locked iPhone, and I raise my eyebrows at him with a smirk. Ah, the ghosts of girlfriends past. You got to love them. “I swear, I have no idea what she wants. It’s literally been, like, two years…

5 Unanswered Questions You Wish You Had The Chance To Ask Your Ex

By Nikki Vee
Breakups are hard for a million reasons. You invest a part of your heart into another person, and to have it not work out is physically and emotionally draining. You lose a future, a partner and worst, a friend. This is a person you spend hours with…

Couldn't, Shouldn't: 5 Guys You Know Not To Date, But Date Anyway

By Nikki Vee
We’ve heard the warnings from our moms, sisters and the Disney Channel as little girls: Stay away from the heartbreakers. We know we should stay away from the bad boys with the reputations, but for some reason, we just can’t seem to help…

The Darwinism Of Dating: A Case For The Evolution Of Chivalry

By Nikki Vee
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me chivalry is dead, I could successfully pay off my astronomical undergraduate tuition with enough funds left over to make a serious dent in the national debt. If video killed the radio star, then…

Stop Playing Games With My Heart: Why No One Wins When Love Is A Game

By Nikki Vee
Don’t text back for at least three hours. You can’t act too eager. Don’t call him when he’s with his friends. Don’t act like you are too interested because boys don’t like that. You can’t make the first move or initiate anything, that’s…

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: The Unspoken Rules Of Our Hook-Up Culture

By Nikki Vee
Let’s talk about sex. I don’t know why nobody wants to talk about it. Why is everyone so afraid of even saying the word? If you can download an app that exists solely to help you get it, you should be able to speak freely about it because if you are…

Move Over, Regina: Confessions Of A Former High School Mean Girl

By Nikki Vee
I was in fifth grade the first time someone told me I gave off the bad girl vibe. Hold your laughter, please. Clearly, a 10-year-old cannot even fathom what being a true bad girl means, but let me tell you, I was elated. I had no interest in being…