Nicole Cottrell


A journalism graduate with a passion for writing and a desire to travel the world.

Picture Perfect: Why Gen-Y Can't Shake The Need For Perfection

By Nicole Cottrell
When someone asks us what we’d like to change about ourselves, we instantly know what to say. I’d like to shave a few inches off my height, shrink my forehead small enough for a middle part and make my teeth symmetrical. And that’s just the start;…

Why It's Okay To Abandon Adult Responsibility When You Graduate

By Nicole Cottrell
We've finished education forever; we have a degree at our fingertips, and the world is at our feet. So, why are we running away from the graduate life we feel so much pressure to adhere to? And, why do we feel guilty for not having our sh*t together…

If You Have To Force It, Leave It Alone: Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

By Nicole Cottrell
When something is broken, fix it. That’s what we’re always told, isn't it? But, what if that isn't the answer? What if it’s better to cut our losses in search of something better and more rewarding? Letting people go is a hard life hack to master,…

8 Things We Realize We Took For Granted When We Move Away From Home

By Nicole Cottrell
For me, home will always be where my mum is. While living with my mum is incredible simply because I worship the ground she walks on, I know it can also be a detrimental experience. Why? Because she’s always there. Since I'm with her all of the…

5 Reasons Why Your Guy Friends Are The Reason You Don't Trust Guys

By Nicole Cottrell
Having guy friends is one of life’s simplest pleasures. There’s no drama, no b*tching and, quite honestly, we like the break. Another perk of having guys in our friendship group is it allows us to obtain a guy’s perspective when we need…

10 Things Girls Absolutely Can't Stand About Being Girls

By Nicole Cottrell
While us girls like to argue about being the better sex (obviously), we’re the first to admit that boys have it so much easier. And, as if we didn't hate boys enough, we’re also jealous of the laid-back, stress-free lives they seemingly…

Girls Compete, Women Empower: Let's Grow Up And Be Women

By Nicole Cottrell
For me, there’s nothing more attractive than independence and intelligence. And, while those attributes have a concrete place on my male checklist, it’s inspiring to see those traits in women, too. Often, women are labeled as dependent, domestic and…

I'm Effing Old: 10 Painful Realizations You Have As A College Senior

By Nicole Cottrell
If you’re sitting here reading this completely confused as to where the last years of your university life have gone, then join the club. You, along with me, are a final-year student laden with deadlines, stress and worry — not to mention, a large…

Why Advice Is Just Something We Ask For Even When We Know The Answer

By Nicole Cottrell
Advice is a universally acknowledged term we tend to throw around when we need help making decisions, right? Wrong. We might think we’re digesting other people’s opinions regarding the issue at hand, but, in fact, we've already unknowingly decided…