Nicky Paris

Named "A Comic To Watch" by The Huffington Post, Staten Island native Nicky Paris and has become a regular fixture on the New York City comedy circuit, performing nightly at the city's most acclaimed venues. Hot off the success of his viral Pokemon Go parody with Kelley Lord on The Nick and Kelley Show, Nicky’s standout and electrifying performances quickly caught the eye of the industry and media alike, earning praises from Parade Magazine, The Inquisitr, Elite Daily, Galore Magazine, Paste Magazine and more. He was asked to join the The Wendy Williams Show as an on-air talent using his sharp wit, humor and love for juicy celebrity gossip for Wendy’s #StreetTalk segments, where he quickly became a regular and one of the most recognizable faces for the segment on the hit talk show. Soon after, Elite Daily tapped Paris to become one of their lead cast members for their hit web show Gen Why?! , where he has represented his generation of millennials for six seasons and counting along with some of the biggest internet personalities on the web. Most recently, the dazzling comic appeared in the Off-Broadway Production of My Big Gay Italian Funeral as well as on two MTV specials: Epic Fails of 2015 and It's Complicated and will join the cast of season two as a lead cast member on Video Love which will air internationally on MTV in 2017.

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