Nicholas Ciccone


Nick is a New York based screenwriter and sandwich enthusiast. He likes comedy, tragedy, and the stuff that falls somewhere in the middle. Nick studied Film & English at Hofstra University and taught Mario Batali everything he knows.

21 Reasons I'm A Senior Citizen Trapped In A 20-Something's Body

By Nicholas Ciccone
There’s a lot of playful talk among young people about being “old souls.” It’s become sort of cute to say, “I went to bed at 10:30 pm last night! I’m so old!” I don’t like to paint with broad stokes, but everyone who has ever said this is…

4 Less Basic Things Guys Can Say Other Than 'I'd F*ck Her'

By Nicholas Ciccone
I’m a simple man. Maybe my hormone levels are unusually low, but given an attractive woman among male friends, I’ve never been compelled to say, “I’d f*ck her.” First of all, I wouldn’t be able to get through that line with a straight face. It’s…

Passion Always Takes Priority Over Job Title In The Grand Scheme Of Life

By Nicholas Ciccone
Passion is defined as "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something; a strong and barely controllable emotion." It is exciting to be passionate and exciting to be around passionate people. And yet, the word seems intimidating and even annoying…

Scapegoat: How The Information Age Is Making Us Hate Each Other

By Nicholas Ciccone
We live in a world that likes the phrase, “shut up.” We like to tell the media to “shut up,” we like to tell politicians to “shut up” and we like to tell one another to “shut up.” When people point this out, we like to tell them to “shut up,”…

9 Reasons Why Going With Your Gut Will Lead You To Happiness

By Nicholas Ciccone
It’s not hard to find a reason to say “No.” When opportunity knocks, we often tell ourselves we aren’t ready, it’s not the right time and that we simply can’t do it. We learn to trust this voice and over time, the voice will feel like a friend. Yet,…

6 Ways Curiosity Doesn't Kill The Cat, But Makes You Stronger

By Nicholas Ciccone
While it’s true that curiosity may kill your cat, it can also make you well-rounded, self-aware and, ultimately, happier. To get a sense of how powerful curiosity can be, consider the opposite strategy: disinterest. An absence of curiosity is a…

6 Ways To Make Sure Fear Isn't Making Your Choices For You

By Nicholas Ciccone
Fear is a human emotion that comes pre-downloaded with our software. We are all afraid -- with the exception of, say, Liam Neeson (who seems damn near fearless). Fear makes many seemingly innocuous decisions for us, as humans. The tricky thing about…