Natalie Bel Hill

Bio I coach clever people who want to build their self confidence, deal with their anxiety and find more focus for themselves. It's all about you.

The Simple Way Setting Boundaries Changed The Course Of My Life

By Natalie Bel Hill
If "boundaries" is a word you've heard being thrown around a lot, but are not exactly sure how it's relevant to you, keep reading. The dictionary says a boundary is "the line that marks the limit of an area." Just as we mark out our property lines…

Why Being Vulnerable Is The Most Attractive Thing A Person Can Do

By Natalie Bel Hill
Do you know what I find incredibly sexy? People who invest in themselves. People who take the time to sort their sh*t out. I’m not talking about material investments, like big houses and fancy cars. I'm talking about time, energy and effort. I'm…

Trust Your Heart: Why You Should Always Follow Your Dreams

By Natalie Bel Hill
Do you have hunger in your heart? A yearning that keeps pulling you forward in the direction of your dreams? You can’t stop thinking about your life being different, nor will you stop working towards what you believe in. When you have set your…

Why Do We Avoid Confrontation?

By Natalie Bel Hill
We are wired for pleasure. We love to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Naturally, we shy away from anything that makes us feel negative emotions and discomfort. Some of us tend walk around and stick our heads in the sand or do whatever it takes…

The Superwoman Syndrome Conundrum: Does 'Doing It All' Make You Happy?

By Natalie Bel Hill
What kind of woman are you? I'll take a little guess... Your hair always looks good; you cook amazing meals; you work a full-time job; you look after a home, manage a business or a high-pressured environment; you keep up with all your friends, have…

What It's Like To Have Self-Sabotaging Behavior And Why We Do It

By Natalie Bel Hill
What exactly is self-sabotage, and why the hell do we do it? Over and over again… Why do we work so hard in the gym and then binge on cupcakes when we get home? Why do we set ourselves a goal and then make a considerable effort not to reach it? Why…