Natalie Bacon


Natalie Bacon is a financial planner by day and a blogger by night. Natalie blogs at, where she writes about finance and intentional living for young, professional women.

10 Ways To Get Your Financial Life In Order Like The 'Adult' You Are

By Natalie Bacon
When I graduated from school and took one look at my student loans, I immediately thought, “how did I make it here knowing nothing about personal finance?” I felt completely blind-sided, and began a quest to understanding personal finance, something…

10 Money Lessons You Didn't Learn Growing Up, But Need To Know Now

By Natalie Bacon
I believe everyone can live a fulfilling life and be rich. This includes you. The problem is, not everyone learned how to do this while growing up. I certainly didn't. I grew up in a family that valued education and learning, but we didn't talk…

5 Reasons Why Quitting Will Help You Follow Your Dreams

By Natalie Bacon
Go to school, go to college, get a job, get married and live happily ever after. Sound familiar? This is what so many of us were taught when we were growing up. And the truth is, this path can make you very fulfilled and happy. But, that's only if…

14 Ways To Start An Awesome Blog That Will Snag You Your Dream Job

By Natalie Bacon
If you are looking for a new job or are planning on making a career change, there is one way you can set yourself apart from other candidates that's completely within your control: start a blog. I started Financegirl in February 2014 while I had a…

What It's Like To Be Dumped For Being A Career-Oriented Woman

By Natalie Bacon
Not too long ago, I went on several dates with a guy who was very similar to me. We were both type A go-getters. We even had similar “war stories” from work. He worked in private equity, and I work as a corporate attorney. We talked about our late…