Natalia Lusinski

In addition to Bustle, Natalia's writing and personal essays can also be seen in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo, MSN, xoJane, Scary Mommy, Elite Daily, the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune's RedEye, Marie Claire UK, Purple Clover, HelloGiggles, The Daily Dot, and Simplemost, among other publications. She’s currently living abroad, which you can read more about on Facebook: Nomadic Natalia.

Recent Articles

How A Coldplay Concert Gave Me The Courage To Begin The Grieving Process

I've always loved Coldplay, but during this week's concert in Chicago, I became an even bigger fan. They were able to do for me what no one else has been able to do thus far: Help me grieve and mourn the loss of my best friend, my grandma. Her death …
By Natalia Lusinski

Don't Kiss And Tell: 12 Pieces Of Dating Advice From My Grandma

Growing up, my grandma was never short of advice for me, especially about dating. And, as much as I refused to listen, she ended up being right. Since she dated a lot before she got married — "Many men tried to court me before your grandpa caught me"…
By Natalia Lusinski