Naomi Falk


Naomi enjoys an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee several times a day. Her favorite authors are Garcia Marquez, Faulkner, and Enger, which would seem to shed light on a sketchy, and possibly nonexistent, set of values. She, however, is quite grounded. Luke sum ipse patrem te.

The Weekend Warriors: Don't Be Sorry For Partying

By Naomi Falk
The heavy stigma placed on partiers of Gen-Y has become a frustrating internal battle for many of us. I might be the first one to stand up and admit that we do dig our own graves by publicly affiliating ourselves with bongs and half gallons in our…

It's Okay To Give Up Your Dreams

By Naomi Falk
We all come to that inevitable fork-in-the-road moment when we are forced to make some serious evaluations about the beginning of the rest of our lives. Whether it’s declaring a major, securing a new job, ending/beginning a relationship, or looking…

We're Not As Young As We Think

By Naomi Falk
We’re constantly told that the 30s are the new 20s and that we should relax and enjoy the youthful freedom that we are allowed during this time of our lives. There’s no getting around it: we live for a long time. Ninety to 100 years is becoming more…

Why James Franco Is Cooler Than You

By Naomi Falk
We all know him for his roles in big blockbusters – "Pineapple Express," "127 Hours," "Oz," the list goes on. The breadth of his roles in big times movies alone is extensive enough to put many others of his age to shame. Though, it is James Franco's…

10 Things To Review Before Sending Out Your Resume

By Naomi Falk
1. Using words that waste space – There are countless words that we use on our resumes to describe ourselves. Admit it, we all try to maximize our qualities on paper. However, using words such as “incredibly,” “passionate,” “creative,” and the worst…