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How To Tell Your BFF She's Put On Weight Without Body-Shaming Her

By Nai
Before anyone thinks this is a body-shaming article, it's NOT. It's about genuinely caring about the health of a close friend and deciding whether or not to tell her she should do something about her weight gain. And by something, I mean starting to…

13 Frustrating Things Anyone With Roommates Knows All Too Well

By Nai
You might be lucky enough to have never lived in a shared house or apartment, but the majority of millennials know the struggle all too well. Most of us have spent at least a short period of time living with friends or strangers during college and…

Here's How To Manage The 6 Stages Of A Meltdown In Your Mid-20s

By Nai
Stage One: The Beginning Of The End I've decided to write about something that happened to me recently. It occurred earlier this week, in fact, so it's all still a little raw, but I guess that makes for the best writing –- when it's honest, true and…

My First Tinder Date In 3 Years Ended In The Most Awkward Escape From His Home

By Nai
If you know me at all, you know I'm a Gold Certified Member of the Lonely Hearts Club (no, it's not a real thing, but it should be). I don't date. I don't go near guys. I don't look at guys (well, sometimes). Basically, I have no intention of dating…

I Dated A Real-Life Christian Grey And It Wasn't As Hot As 'Fifty Shades'

By Nai
I started dating a guy last year for a few months after being three years out of the dating game. After waiting until the second date to have sex ('cause you know having sex on the first date is forbidden), we sealed the deal. Our first time was…