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Mounia has an M.A in English and a B.S in Business Administration. She loves to spend time writing about the awesome and the random while daydreaming about her future. Find out more at

28 Signs You’re Living A Normal Life And Are Completely Okay With It

By Mounia Bagha
The other day, I found a quote on Pinterest that read: "I'm at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged and having babies and the other half are too drunk to even find their phones." It feels like there’s no in-between anymore, and people…

5 Ways Sunlight Not Only Improves Your Mood, But Your Life

By Mounia Bagha
"Do you see that out there? The strange, unfamiliar light? It's called the sun. Let's go get us a little." — Nora Roberts. You woke up this morning, painfully stumbled out of bed and made your way to the nearby window. You creaked the curtains open…

Life's A B*tch, But Not Your B*tch: 4 Times Not To F*ck With Karma

By Mounia Bagha
You’ve probably all heard the good old saying, "What goes around comes around." If you haven’t heard it, well, you’ve probably heard of a young musician named Justin Timberlake, who sings the line perfectly to illustrate my point. Whenever I’m…

Timing Is Everything: 5 Instances When Time Should Dictate Action

By Mounia Bagha
Very often, I like to pause and have a look at how other people are doing with their lives. It’s probably not the right thing to do, given the number of quotes you can find about comparing yourself to others (Mark Twain’s "Comparison is the death of…

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire: 30 Times When Honesty Isn't The Best Policy

By Mounia Bagha
We grew up being told lying is bad. In the meantime, we also quickly realized there are many ways to lie, and though it held the power to get us in trouble, it could also help us get away with a few things. So, if to lie or not to lie is the…

Say Hello To Goodbye: 6 Times Letting Go Is Exactly What You Need

By Mounia Bagha
We've all experienced a point in life when we simply couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe you’re tired of compromising and being in relationship limbo, or maybe it's work or just your life in general. You keep wondering whether the decisions you make are…

4 Things To Remember On The Journey To Landing Your Dream Job

By Mounia Bagha
I love meeting new people. In fact, I think doing so is one of the coolest things in life. But, there’s something that aggravates me about the process, one question that totally un-cools the whole thing: "What do you do for a living?" I've always…

The Whole World Is In Your Hands: 6 Thrifty Ways To Travel Across It

By Mounia Bagha
I grew up in a very small town — the kind of place where everyone knows you and you know everyone else. It's the kind of place that gets crammed in summertime and oh-so-quiet during the rest of the year. I know it can seem unfathomable to many…

6 Situations Dating Someone In A Different Language Will Put You Through

By Mounia Bagha
It’s basically like regular dating, but with a twist. You heard his voice and his accent turned you on. You noticed her exotic look and your jaw dropped instantly. In a few seconds, you forgot about the snow, the crowd and anything else around. You…