Moriah Boone


Moriah hails from the small town in Northern Arizona. Primarily a quiet town meant for retirees and avid golfers, she has had a little trouble fitting in with her loud personality. She is always up for a challenge and loves being in charge. For more, follow Moriah at: or

The Effects Of Fat Shaming: Why Hatred Shouldn't Be Glorified

By Moriah Boone
Nicole Arbour, a 30-year-old Canadian woman, is in hot water as a result of a video she posted. In this video, she advocates fat-shaming. Her videos have been on and off YouTube in light of the recent controversy. To clarify, this is not an article…

How Our Friends Who Die Young Can Live On Through Our Generation

By Moriah Boone
Gen-Y is known for many things, including being entitled, lazy, easily distracted and in need of constant praise. The most prevalent among these stereotypes, however, is that we are obsessed with technology. Many of us feel lost and naked when our…

The One Who Won't Go Away: How To Deal With Your Boyfriend's Female BFF

By Moriah Boone
Falling in love is scary. It's a crazy mixture of anxiety, fear, joy, excitement and confusion all rolled up into one tempting package. Love can be absolutely wonderful or terribly tragic, but what do you do when amidst all these factors, there's…

An Orphan At 17: How I've Learned To Persevere Through Life's Toughest Times

By Moriah Boone
Being on your own at an early age is nothing short of difficult. It's true that being an orphan is horrible, but it's even more horrible when you're an orphan when your parents are still technically alive and well. The official definition of an…

Roommates: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Afford To Live Without 'Em

By Moriah Boone
Ah, roommates. The very word brings back so many vivid memories; it's hard to choose my top three. Maybe it's the time my roommate secretly moved her boyfriend of three months into our small, two-bedroom apartment -- for free -- and didn't think I…

High School Never Ends

By Moriah Boone
Those of you who can remember daydreaming about what life would be like once you got out on your own have probably realized that nothing really changes – except, now, you're always broke. Often it seems as though high school never really ends. There…