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Moose likes to think of himself as a programmer by day, writer by night and someone who overall gets very little sleep. He writes about personal development and how to listen to your inner voice in a world where everyone is shouting.

Paradox Of Choice: Why Millennials Are The Most Stressed-Out Generation

By Moose A
A friend recently brought to my attention a study in which Millennials reported having the highest stress level of any generation. At first, I was kind of skeptical because, on the surface, our generation seems to have things far easier than our…

7 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break From Social Media

By Moose A
There's no doubt social media is a significant part of our daily lives. You can hardly go out for dinner without having people upload pictures of their meals to Instagram or take a quick selfie. Our generation is defined by a culture of likes,…

The Power Within: How To Make Your Internal Desires Influence Action

By Moose A
There are numerous reasons to be motivated in this world. Some of us are driven by the accumulation of wealth while others are propelled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. But ultimately, our motivators fall into two broad categories: internal…

9 Questions To Ask Yourself To See If Your Friends Are 'Real' Friends

By Moose A
We’ve all seen them: Those alleged “besties” who post countless Instagram photos of each other, complete with tags like #bff, until one of them moves to a different city or graduates from college and suddenly, those pictures mysteriously cease. Our…

See More, Do More: It's Your Responsibility To Live Your Life More Actively

By Moose A
It’s almost February, which means most of us have long since given up hope of accomplishing our New Year’s resolutions. I’ve never been too fond of resolutions, anyway. The thought of making specific goals has always somehow scared me. So, this…

Why Multitasking Is Actually A Massive Waste Of Your Time

By Moose A
It should come as no surprise to anyone that there is an ever-increasing number of distractions in our daily lives. From Facebook and Instagram to Reddit and YouTube, it is obvious there is no shortage of ways to be unproductive online. As a result,…

Success Goggles: Why Your View Of Success Is The Only One That Matters

By Moose A
It is generally accepted that there is no consensus on what makes a person successful. For some, success is embodied by the pursuit of knowledge; for others, it is intricately tied to financial gain and so on. But, determining what success means to…

Why Earnest Instrospection Is More Important Than Twitter Followers

By Moose A
Most of us live in a society where every mildly interesting moment we experience is uploaded to "the cloud," and our thoughts are only worth expressing if we can do so in less than 140 characters. But, aren't we supposed to be the most expressive…

Why Being Uncertain About Your Future Is The Way To Claim Happiness

By Moose A
From a young age, we are aware we need to have long-term plans in order to succeed. Growing up, the most common question overbearing relatives asked me was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?" It was as if knowing the answer was a pressing…