Molly Falco


Molly is a freelance brand strategist in constant pursuit of great design, a decent tinder date, and the perfect taco.

I Started Doing Yoga Before Bed And It Drastically Changed How I Sleep

By Molly Falco
I am a restless sleeper. This hasn't always been the case. I have fond memories of waking up refreshed after a long, undisturbed snooze. When I left my job to start my own company and embarked on a year-long trip, that totally changed. The stresses…

3 Ways Growing Up With A Step Family Helped Me Later In Life

By Molly Falco
When people ask me how many siblings I have, I tend give a tiny shrug and a vague “it's complicated.” For most people, the question is pretty straightforward. For me, it's a little fuzzy. I grew up with my three brothers and three stepbrothers, the…

How To Celebrate The Fourth Of July When You're Abroad And Bored AF

By Molly Falco
The Fourth of July is a magical holiday. When you're a kid, there's nothing like fireworks and popsicles. When you're an adult, endless red, white and blue Jell-O shots – along with plenty of beer – make it an annual banger. It's an easy summer…

Lessons From Major Religions That Even Nonreligious People Can Believe In

By Molly Falco
When I was little, I attended church with my family. It's so far back in my memory that I couldn't even tell you what denomination we followed. It's just a vague memory of singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" to a large-ish congregation…

4 Reasons Female Potheads Are Reinventing The Stoner Dude Stereotype

By Molly Falco
Since the birth of the stoner archetype in movies in the mid-1960s, pop culture tokers have shared a common trait. These lovable screwups — Cheech and Chong, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, Jay and Silent Bob, The Dude and any character ever played by James…

5 Reasons Freelancing Is Actually A Smart Way To Get Ahead In Your Career

By Molly Falco
I was incredibly #blessed to land an amazing job right after college. I interned for a boutique branding agency in New York. I eventually became a project manager, and then, I became a senior project manager. I hung around for two sweet years while…

4 Gender Equality Norms We Should Still Be Thanking Early Feminists For

By Molly Falco
My mom has told me a million times about her first waitressing job at a beloved east coast casual dining chain. Her “interview” involved standing sideways next to a wall so the male manager could see if her chest literally measured up. This wasn't a…

4 Ways Women Can Do More And Apologize Less In The Workplace

By Molly Falco
Look, ladies: We have an assertiveness problem. Whether it's never telling the guy we're hooking up with that we want to be exclusive, our inability to politely request the manspreader on the subway remove his knees from our personal space or…