Minnie Keller


Minnie is the girl next door from Baltimore, MD. With a passion for culture and an incredible zest for life, Minnie plans to travel the world someday and make a difference in a big way. Until then, she's dropping knowledge on all things Generation Y right here at Elite Daily. Minnie takes each day as it comes, never looking back or looking forward, but always living in the moment.

Why Alcohol Will Be Generation-Y's Downfall

By Minnie Keller
I wake up. It feels like I've been sleeping for a few years now, and opening my eyes is hard to do, restrained by the sensitivity to light and my head feeling like it's going to implode with any swift movements. I think to myself, "Why, God? What…

Dealing With The Bad B*tch That Is Stress

By Minnie Keller
Stress: the unwanted emotion that attacks at any given time and turns us into hormonal train wrecks. We want absolutely nothing to do with it, but it just keeps coming back like an unwanted girlfriend. Stress can't take a hint. Although none of us…

The World Doesn't Care How Old You Are

By Minnie Keller
When we were young, we wanted nothing more than to be a 'big kid.' We wanted all of the perks that came along with growing up, like being able to do whatever we pleased, not being told what to do, reaching that long-awaited age when we could finally…

A Message From Women To Men: It's A Level Playing Field

By Minnie Keller
Sexual objectification has garnered a generally common mistreatment of women everywhere. With the media as a central focus of attention for easily molded and misguided minds, Americans are mirror images of the sexist opinions expressed through these…

Can Cheating Ever Be Acceptable?

By Minnie Keller
Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever been unfaithful to a partner? I've been in both situations myself and believe that neither position is better off than the other, but there are opposing beliefs that suggest cheating may be beneficial to…

The Ways You Can Spice Up Your Love Life

By Minnie Keller
Did you and your boo-thing recently get into a big fight? Have you not had sex in what seems like forever? Are you really just tired of the same routine positions every time you two are getting it on? After a while, all relationships fall victim to…

Getting The F*ck Over Your Ex

By Minnie Keller
I can't stress enough how much dwelling in the past does nothing but bring negative vibes to the present and future. If you want to move on from an ex-lover, you have to do just that -- move on. Dwelling on the good memories you shared, how much you…