Minerva Siegel

Minerva Siegel is a plus size, disabled writer and model living in Milwaukee, WI. Like a true Sagittarius, she's into everything from astrophysics and French poetry to dog memes and who's dropping the next gotta-have blush palette. You can find her on Instagram @SpookyFatBabe!

Recent Articles

I'm Young, Married, & Never Want Kids, Here's What I Want You To Know

I identify as childfree, meaning I don’t have, or ever want, children. I have an enormous list of reasons for being childfree, ranging from my genetics and mental health needs to my lifestyle choices. Children wouldn’t be good for me, and I’m not int…
By Minerva Siegel

What You're Forgetting When You Compliment Someone For Losing Weight

Congratulating someone on weight loss can seem harmless and even encouraging, but it’s really time we stopped commenting on other people’s bodies altogether. Sometimes, seemingly positive comments about someone's size can do more harm than good, as y…
By Minerva Siegel

How I Learned To Take Up Space In A World That Tells Me I Shouldn't

As a plus size woman, I’ve always been acutely aware of the physical space I take up. I exist in a world that wasn’t made with people my size in mind. More broadly, in our culture, taking up as little space as possible is seen as expected and polite.…
By Minerva Siegel

5 Ways My Sister & I Keep Our Long Distance Relationship Fresh

Anyone who’s as obsessed with romantic dramas as I am knows that long-distance relationships can be frought with difficulty. Keeping up long distance relationships, even platonic ones, takes a lot of conscious effort from everyone involved. It’s so e…
By Minerva Siegel

How To Use Your Mercury Sign To Cut Down On Miscommunication In Your Life

With trademark wings on his sandals, Mercury, the Roman god of communication, is known for flitting around carrying messages from the other gods. He’s an important figure in Roman mythology, and the position of his namesake planet in our birth charts…
By Minerva Siegel

How To Use Tarot To Learn More About Yourself, Even If You're Not A Believer

"Self-care" is a buzzword that’s been trending on social media for a while now, and I’m totally here for it. Self-care can mean everything from indulging in luxuries like steamy bubble baths, lush face masks and polished manicures, to taking care of …
By Minerva Siegel