Mikey McManus


Mikey McManus has never won an award. In the summer of 2013 he traveled 20,000 miles across America in a beat up RV, hitchhiking and on foot, in search of the “New American Dream.” Turns out it’s within all of us… Turns out he believes in sappy idioms. His first wish is for infinity wishes. If he can’t have that, he’ll settle for a sandwich. His third wish is for everyone who reads his article to immediately get off his or her ass, and start rocking the cock off life.

It's All About Hustle: Success Isn't Possible Without Grinding To Get It

By Mikey McManus
Maybe I was spoiled because I grew up in Boston when I did. I was six years old when Larry Bird retired from the NBA. My first memory is of me, standing barefoot on the shag carpet in my family’s living room, pointing Bird out to my dad on the…