Mikaila Read


Mikaila is a characteristic "old soul." She earned her Master's degree in philosophy from Durham University of the United Kingdom. Beyond academia, she is a passionate practitioner of yoga, a self-professed bibliophile and singer-songwriter.

Knot Interested: 3 Reasons I've Sworn Off The Possibility Of Marriage

By Mikaila Read
“Oh, honey. Nobody wants to marry a woman like that.” I will never forget these words, tossed my way like a short-fused firecracker from the hands of abjection and snide patronization. She meant the comment as an affront. She meant for me to feel…

I Was Never Yours: Why I Refuse To Be Labeled 'The One That Got Away'

By Mikaila Read
Dear collection of men (lads who think they are men), Hello, and how are you? I’m sure you are fine. A bit lonely, perhaps, given the fact that you’ve now taken it upon yourself to contact me with long, colorful and crass recollections of our time…

From Grief To Gratitude: How I Came To Accept My Mother's Death

By Mikaila Read
I knew I shouldn’t have stared. But something stirred in me while I watched a young mother and her child on an average Tuesday afternoon at the downtown food co-op I served. The stress of her day exuded in her frazzled hair and frayed Keds sneakers,…

5 Stress-Relieving Ways To Fill The Silence In Your Life

By Mikaila Read
It goes from 11:53 pm, to 11:54pm, to 11:55 pm. Here I lie, trying to sleep. I attempt to quiet my body and mind, when the blaring sound of our neighboring train station’s latest freight carrier comes blasting through my cracked window. Between its…

Dietary Labels: How Food-Shaming Pushed Me To Ditch My Vegan Diet

By Mikaila Read
I must say, of all the personal characteristics, habits or conduct I’ve been explicitly shamed for in the past, diet has been one of the most frustrating. Hidden behind professions of care (“I just want you to be healthy!”), I have always detected a…

5 Types Of Mental Clutter Negatively Affecting Your Peace Of Mind

By Mikaila Read
I remember packing my first apartment up in preparation to move overseas for graduate school. Ten boxes of books, several containers of clothing, keepsakes and one instrument later, I thought to myself, "How do I have so much stuff?" At the same…