Michelle Santoyo


A good mix between Karen Walker and Wednesday Addams. Lover of all things art and tech. Self-proclaimed cat lady who listens to too much Fleetwood Mac and Drake while writing and drinking cold brew.

The 6 Surefire Signs You're Only His Side Chick And Nothing More

By Michelle Santoyo
Ask anyone about dating in the age of Tinder, and they'll all let out an exasperated sigh. These days, people are afraid to "settle" and are always searching for something better. Everyone is on this continuous journey to find the perfect…

Dating People After My Breakup Made Me Realize I Still Love My Ex

By Michelle Santoyo
Most of us have that one, great love that just didn't work out. Maybe you just got out of that relationship and can't stop thinking about them, or it ended years ago but certain things like the faint scent of their cologne or perfume triggers their…

8 'Basic B*tch' Necessities You Should Never Feel Guilty About Loving

By Michelle Santoyo
A basic bitch is typically considered a person – especially a female – who is boringly predictable or unoriginal. We all secretly love our basic bitch tendencies, so why is this term received with such negative connotations? Who is the pretentious…

Why Outgrowing Tinder Was The Best Thing To Happen To My Love Life

By Michelle Santoyo
Seeing your Facebook News Feed filled with engagement photographs and baby announcements can be a scary thing for any single Millennial, whether we like to admit it or not. According to the typical life plan, you should be done with college, have a…

6 Ways To Treat Yo'self When You're Single AF On Valentine's Day

By Michelle Santoyo
While most 20-somethings are preparing for Valentine's Day with their significant others, you find yourself single and in a furious Tinder-swiping session, trying to find a valentine. Stop immediately. Valentine's Day is the holiday revolving around…

4 Things I've Learned During My Mother's Battle With Breast Cancer

By Michelle Santoyo
Cancer is the "C word" people don't like to talk about. Before this year, no one in my family had ever been affected by cancer, so it was never something I had to think about. I always believed it would happen to someone else, not to me. My mom was…