Michelle Farhang


My life is a constant rotation of coffee and wine.

The Lost Art Of Wooing: 4 Ways Millennials Can Step Up Their Game

By Michelle Farhang
It takes a lot of guts to go up to someone you find attractive in a public place and strike up a casual conversation with him or her. Even though it’s starting to become more normal for this to be a two-way street option, I recognize it's a role…

The Killing Of Cecil The Lion Is A Reminder We're Doing It Wrong

By Michelle Farhang
I'm one of those obnoxious people who loves animals more than people. When at brunch, my friends "ooh" and "aw" over the baby in the stroller nearby. I'm obviously not completely cold and apathetic toward babies, but I just don't feel the same…

Feeling Stuck? How To Change Your Life In All The Right Ways

By Michelle Farhang
Because our 20s are such a time of transition, it is incredibly common to feel stuck. Throughout our lives, we are constantly on specific roads. They might be different roads, different schools and different paths, but they are relatively laid out,…

4 Signs You Need To Ditch The Guy At The Bar… No Matter How Cute He Is

By Michelle Farhang
You're talking to a cute guy at the bar and things are going well. There's a chance you could actually give this guy your number — and maybe even the real one this time. However, there are a few red flags beyond the obvious creeper vibes that should…

6 Ways You Can Change Your Perspective On Things And Live A Happier Life

By Michelle Farhang
Shifting your mindset can fix your problems, but doing so is easier said than done. The first step is identifying things that are holding you back from happiness and figuring out how you can change them. Here are six perspectives to change so that…

The Truth Behind Why Love Only Finds You When You Stop Looking

By Michelle Farhang
People say you find what you're looking for when you stop looking. This is true fundamentally because looking allows you to settle, and looking for something in the midst of what you have lowers your standards to fit whatever is there at the moment.…