Michael Park



How Not To Network: The Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Missed Opportunities

By Michael Park
We have all been there: a cold room filled with complete strangers. Everyone walks around, tightly gripping their business cards and cocktail glasses in their clammy hands. If this is your idea of networking, it is time to re-evaluate your…

How Startups Get Shut Down: The 5 Ways To Screw Up Your Startup

By Michael Park
There’s no doubt that us Gen-Yers are an entrepreneurial generation. We’ve been raised by parents who found success and who want nothing more than for us to exceed their own level of success. We’ve been given the educational opportunities to reach…

Why Brazil Is A BRIC Wall For International Entrepreneurs

By Michael Park
Brazil has been recognized as a country with great potential for decades. As the most populated and economically developed country in Latin America, Brazil is the powerhouse of the continent. Brazil is well-established as a member of the BRIC…

10 Reasons To Become An International Entrepreneur In Colombia

By Michael Park
Colombia has seen its fair share of drugs, violence and political corruption in the past, but the clouds are starting to clear, and the country's great qualities are beginning to show. Looking at Colombia, it is easy to see why it was recently rated…

The 10 Reasons To Spend Your Gap Year Teaching In Thailand

By Michael Park
The notion of a ‘gap year’ has something of a mixed reputation. There are those who treat it as a year full of fun and games, sometimes with Mum and Dad footing the bill. Then there are those who leave home with a clear understanding of what they…

Es Muy Importante: The Five Reasons Gen-Y Should Learn Spanish

By Michael Park
Spanish is a rapidly growing language that bears a wonderful influence on past and modern culture. It is one of the world’s most popular languages and is spoken by over half a billion people worldwide. Due to its popularity, Spanish is becoming an…