Micha S.


Micha is a writer fueled by iced coffee, nature, and fresh notebooks.

7 Reasons Why Your Life Needs To Fall Apart

By Micha S.
It’s important for your life to crumble into a million tiny pieces of garbage at least a few times. I’m not talking about a little bump in the road or a case of the Mondays. I’m talking about those times in life when it all goes bad all at once.…

5 Common Obstacles Go-Getters Must Overcome To Achieve Success

By Micha S.
We are the first ones in the office and the last to leave. We put in the extra hours and we go the extra miles. We are determined, resilient and focused. We make lists of our goals, and we steadily cross them off. We won’t take no for an answer. We…

7 Reasons Every Woman Should Date A Southern Gentleman

By Micha S.
I will admit to being partially biased on this topic, as my roots are about as deep-fried and Southern-grown as they can be. I grew up in both Tennessee and Alabama, and was raised by the epitome of a true Southern gentleman; I’m talking shotgun,…

Live Like You Were Dying: What We Can Learn From Brittany Maynard's Death

By Micha S.
How would you spend your final days if you were given only six months to live? For Brittany Maynard, it was spending time with family, seeing the world and living each day fully in the moment. At 29, Brittany was diagnosed with terminal brain…

Why Teaching Kids That 'Winning Doesn't Matter' Is A Huge Disservice For Their Futures

By Micha S.
I recently went to pick up the little boy I babysit from his Little League game. He ran toward me, trophy in hand. “Congratulations! Your team won!” I said excitedly. “Yeah! Everyone got a trophy because we are all winners!” he said, beaming. The…

7 Ways To Succeed At Something You Know Nothing About

By Micha S.
I often find myself landing jobs and opportunities for which I am not entirely qualified, based solely on experience. I don't lie on my résumé, or claim to have experience I don't, but I'm constantly being offered opportunities that sometimes have…

Sexpectations: Why He's Not A Jerk If He Isn't Interested In You After Sex

By Micha S.
I recently sat down to happy hour with a few girlfriends after a hectic Thursday at the office. As we began to divulge the recent goings on of the past week, my friend Heather started to tell us about a new guy she’d been “seeing.” Heather said in…