Meredith L. Brown


Meredith is currently an intern for The Walt Disney Company, a life long pursuit. Meredith is an inspirational leader, passionate lover, and perfectionist who doesn't believe in the word impossible.

24 Things All Interns Deserve To Be Thanked For, But Never Were

By Meredith L. Brown
As a past intern, you were probably in one of the below scenarios on your first day: 1. You were the experienced intern. You had to welcome the new interns with open arms (or sometimes, not-so-open arms). 2. You were the new intern. You were the…

4 Ways A Neurotic Mind Helps You Lead A More Meaningful Life

By Meredith L. Brown
Neurosis is described by as: A functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive acts and physical complaints without objective evidence of disease, in various degrees and patterns, dominate the…

18 Thank Yous Every Sister Owes Her Brother But Just Never Said

By Meredith L. Brown
Brothers: When we were little, they were annoying and smelly, and always blamed us for everything in front our parents. But, now, as grown women trying to navigate life (and, more importantly, love), we find ourselves picking up our phones to call…

11 Tips To Ace The Phone Interview And Get One Step Closer To The Job

By Meredith L. Brown
Phone interviews are a tricky terrain to navigate. For people who aren’t good communicators or get extremely nervous in face-to-face interviews, they hear the words “phone interview,” wipe the sweat from their brow and call it a day. You can hide…

22 Absolutely Evil Things Only True Perfectionists Will Understand

By Meredith L. Brown
When we are children, we are taught to always excel, to push for something better, to be better. Whether our parents, our teachers or an inner, personal drive influences us, this portion of early childhood is the time when we move toward habits and…

5 Ugly, Untrue Thoughts That Go Through Every Single Girl's Mind

By Meredith L. Brown
Being “single” for a long period of time can allow for personal discovery, growth and memorable experiences a girl wouldn’t otherwise have if she were in a relationship. It’s these years or months that turn girls into women, showing them that having…

5 Types Of Guys You Need To Meet Before You Find The Right One

By Meredith L. Brown
As a single college girl, it's easy to get wrapped up in thinking about all the guys you DON'T have. There are the multiple crushes who played with your heart then left, along with the deafening declarations of all the “perfect men” your friends…