Melissa Copelton

Melissa is a contributing writer based in Bergen County, New Jersey (despite her heart forever residing in Manhattan). She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her minor in Creative Writing led her to more literary pursuits. When she isn't writing for Elite Daily she works as the Opinion Editor for News Cult. She enjoys binging on Netflix, deflecting reality with sarcasm, and hanging out with her dog, Frank. She’s a true believer in the idea that you’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love and that’s why she writes. You can check out more of her material at

Why My Father Is My Hero For Helping To Clean Up Ground Zero

ByMelissa Copelton
Saying that my father is a patriotic man is an understatement. Despite having never been in the armed forces, he advocates for all things America and supports this country to no end. In fact, when it was time for me to get a car for my 17th…

The Rule of 3: Why 3 Men In Your Life Is Always Better Than 1

ByMelissa Copelton
I’ve been developing a theory over the past few months that I think has the potential to better the lives of Gen-Y women everywhere. A couple of years ago, I read Tucker Max’s "Asshole’s Finish First," and while rummaging through the debauchery and…

Waves Of Friendship: The Harsh Truth That Not All Friendships Will Last Forever

ByMelissa Copelton
It can be said that if you boil life down to its very core, it is nothing more than a series of losses and gains. In birth, we gain life; in death, we lose it. It’s really that simple. Now, with an example like that it’s pretty easy to characterize…

5 Scenarios When Every Woman Should Put Down The Phone Before Sending That Text

ByMelissa Copelton
There has been the Machine Age, The Oil Age, The Golden Age and The Space Age, but no age has made the same impact on relationships quite like The iPhone Age. We live in a society that thrives on constant communication -- none of which is…

Champagne Taste On A Student Loan Budget: 7 Things You Spend Too Much Money On After College

ByMelissa Copelton
The irony in higher education is that although we gain the ever-exclusive privilege of receiving a bachelor’s degree, we acquire very little insight as to what the real world will look like. Life in college is about as far from reality as it gets —…