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11 Spooky Halloween Episodes From Your Favorite '90s Shows

We all love Halloween, and we all love being scared. When we were younger, most of us weren't allowed to watch the scary horror flicks that appeared on late-night TV. What we could watch, however, were good old cartoons. Sometimes, though, those cart…
By Meghan Logan

5 Ways To Deal With Your Anxiety When It Stops You From Traveling The Globe

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere or do something, but you felt like you couldn't because of your anxiety? I've had anxiety ever since I can remember. If you have it, you'll know. It literally feels like a barrier that holds you back from doing t…
By Meghan Logan

The Beginners Guide To Handling Life In A New City

So you just moved to a new city, and you have no idea where to start. That sounds like me when I first stepped foot in San Francisco. If you are like me, you didn't grow up in this kind of environment. Whether you were on a small farm or living in a …
By Meghan Logan