Meghan Breitner


Meghan is currently studying at The University of Toledo. You can normally find her cuddling with the love of her life, her cat Belle, or impulse shopping with the money she doesn't have. Read Meghan's blog at

4 Reasons Breakups Will Always Reveal A Better Version Of Yourself

By Meghan Breitner
It’s true: Losing a lover can be one of the toughest experiences you will ever face. Not only are you losing a person you spent the majority of your time with, you’re also losing your best friend, shoulder to cry on and other half. It can go a few…

How I Learned To Take Beauty From The Surface Of My Pain

By Meghan Breitner
I grew up wanting to please everyone. I wanted to be that happy-go-lucky girl who looked like she had it all together. I wanted to be that girl with such a positive outlook in life, it inspired others to see the world differently. I ended up being…

Why Finding My 'Other Half' Means Working Toward My Dreams

By Meghan Breitner
Let me just start this out by saying I'm pretty young. I've only been in college for a year, and I probably still haven't fully grown into myself. I occasionally watch The Disney Channel and romance over the band members of One Direction. I'm still…

14 Truth Bombs I'd Drop On My Young And Naïve 13-Year-Old Self

By Meghan Breitner
I find myself often getting lost in the thought of what a conversation with my younger self would be like. I vividly imagine sitting face-to-face with a young, innocent girl, her face still lighting up with wonder to what the world has to offer. Her…

Unplug For Your Own Good: 5 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

By Meghan Breitner
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I check is my phone. New messages, any mentions, likes on Instagram, Facebook friend requests, etc. It’s as if I’m attached to my phone. I’m too fascinated and intrigued by the narcissistic side of…

Don't Open Closed Doors: 6 Reasons To Keep Exes In The Past

By Meghan Breitner
When a frame falls and leaves a million broken pieces of shattered glass on the ground, what do you do? Do you somehow try to mend the pieces back together with glue? The answer is no. After things are broken beyond repair, there is no fixing…

Better Smart Than Sorry: Be A Realist, Not A Hopeless Romantic

By Meghan Breitner
We all hope to experience the lifelong tale that begins with, “Once upon a time.” We watch Nicholas Sparks' books turn into movies, and we eventually obsess over someday finding our very own “Prince Charming” or “Cinderella.” Let’s just face it: We…

The Harsh Truth About Thinking You Can Change A Man

By Meghan Breitner
I was young and naïve. I moved away from my hometown and comfort zone the earliest chance I had. I was always told not to stay put in the little town where I grew up, and I knew I never would be stuck there. After graduation, I packed my bags and…