Megan Grant


Megan Grant is a lifestyle writer for Bustle, covering trending news, food, pets, weddings, and anything related to Trader Joe's. Her work has also appeared in Elite Daily, The Daily Dot, and Thought Catalog, among others. She earned her degree in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan. Aside from writing, Megan is passionate about (... mostly writing) reading, nutrition, fitness, trying to be eco-friendly, and her chihuahua, Peanut.

Why Being The Outcast In High School Was Never As Bad As It Seemed

By Megan Grant
As a teenager, the high school experience feels a lot like: a) food poisoning,b) a scab, c) the worst four years of your life, or d) all of the above. If you answered "d," your high school years were probably just as miserable as mine. I hated high…

How To Identify A Relationship That's Going Nowhere, Then Run Away

By Megan Grant
I’ve had a solid decade to make the dumbest choices I possibly could when it came to men. This is no easy task. It takes sadly low standards, horrible judgment and a major lack of self-esteem. Unfortunately, I’m not alone. We can’t change the past,…

Boob Sweat, Goals And Food: 8 Realities Of Being A Female Athlete

By Megan Grant
Increasingly, perhaps more than our society has yet seen, women are learning and being encouraged to embrace their health, strength and power and not be concerned with merely looking like stick figures. This has led to an ever-growing generation of…

Be Free: 6 Things Women Must Stop Avoiding And Start Embracing

By Megan Grant
Not enough women have balls. Let me rephrase that: Not enough women have guts. We stand in the shadows, we accept whatever we can get, and we don’t believe we deserve great things. Why, you wonder? That’s a conversation for another article. What I…

8 Things College Still Isn’t Teaching You, And You're Getting Screwed

By Megan Grant
The knowledge I retained from college could comfortably rest on the tip of a nose hair and is largely comprised of two random memories: 1) I can’t believe my calculus professor passed me, and 2) soap is a surfactant. I wholeheartedly believe college…