Megan is a contributing writer for Elite Daily. She's a slightly sassy twenty-something navigating her way in the world. She likes writing about sustainability and home improvement on her blog, Your Wild Home.

Why It's So Important The Government Is Taking On The Opioid Addiction Crisis

By Megan
America is in trouble. While there are many issues lately that have gained quite a bit of media attention – such as racism, police brutality and terrorism – there are a few key concerns that don't get as much attention. Unfortunately, addiction to…

What Growing Up In Rural America Taught Me About The Power Of Religion

By Megan
America has a long and storied history with religion. Diversity radiates from cities and urban areas, but comes in more subdued tones to the suburban and rural areas of the country. My mother grew up on a farm that rolled on gentle Appalachian hills…

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Buying A House As A Single 20-Something

By Megan
Ever since I finished college, I've been trying to convince the world I'm an adult. I got rid of my old beater and bought a respectable, fuel-efficient car. I started dressing for success. I got a real job that provides health insurance. I stopped…

The Timeline Of Falling Out Of Love In A Long-Term Relationship

By Megan
Over the past two months, I have been analyzing the breakdown of a four-year relationship. Last night, I sat up in bed thinking, and damn it, I was mad. Why wasn't he “the one?” The one I had read about in countless books and seen played out in…

How My Vegan Friend Finally Convinced Me Sustainable Living Was Important

By Megan
Growing up, many of us don't realize the impact of our actions. We say things we don't mean to people we love, drink until we can't see straight and eat food that wreaks havoc on our body. Here's the problem, though: All of our actions have…

Women Prove Gender Isn't A Barrier By Thriving In These 5 Careers

By Megan
As Women's History Month comes to a close, there is no better way to celebrate it than by discussing the progress women have made in the workplace. We haven't seen such a foray of women into primarily male-dominated industries since Rosie the…

How Agricultural And Animal Farming Is Slowly Killing Our Environment

By Megan
Farming and raising animals for food has been a part of our society for hundreds of years. However, this had been done on a small, sustainable scale until the advent of industrial agriculture. Farmers rotated crops and moved animals from summer to…