Meg Ten Eyck


Meg Ten Eyck is a feisty LGBT advocate and community educator. After 8 years as an LGBT activist, Meg moved to Korea and started her blog Dopes On The Road. Meg also writes for Go Magazine, The Matador Network, and DapperQ

The 11 Best Travel Destinations For LGBTQ+ Women

By Meg Ten Eyck
Why is it so difficult to find travel information for lesbians and queer women? The internet is ripe with travel content for gay boys. Even when a travel company says they're LGBTQ+ friendly, they really mean gay male friendly, but feel obligated to…

24 Ways Straight Allies Can Support The LGBTQ+ Community During A Tragedy

By Meg Ten Eyck
We are a few weeks removed from the shootings in Orlando and freshly in the middle of Pride season. The night before the shootings, I published a tongue-in-cheek article for Matador Network titled, “Dear Straight Allies, Please Don't Come to Pride…

'Juliet Takes A Breath' Is The Ultimate Read For Queer Feminists

By Meg Ten Eyck
The author of "Juliet Takes A Breath," Gabby Rivera, and I first met when we were both asked to be on a panel for a queer student group at Columbia University. I remember being transfixed by her wit and intelligence and being all around impressed…

Why Lesbian Bars Are Disappearing At The Height Of Queer Acceptance

By Meg Ten Eyck
Growing up, I was the textbook definition of unlikable. My sixth-grade figure was often described as “womanly,” an adjective no 11-year-old wants to be labeled. This was the time of heroine chic and rail-thin celebrities. My parents decided that my…

Why Dinah Shore Will Always Be A Spring Break Paradise For Lesbians

By Meg Ten Eyck
As a queer woman and blogger, I’ve attended many events for lesbians. But, there is something about the Dinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs, California that just feels a little bit different than the others. If you’ve been hiding in the closet for…