Max Karp


Max is a student at Indiana University and former Division I baseball player. He's New Jersey born and bred, loves wine and working out, and every so often writes up something decent.

Why You'll Never Find True Happiness If You Don't Question Yourself

By Max Karp
The first 18 years of life are a time to take everything in. We're encouraged to figure ourselves out. Elementary school, middle school and high school provide us with opportunities to "test the waters" in a variety of areas. Senior year of high…

The Toughest Challenge For All Old Souls On The Dating Scene

By Max Karp
With time comes experience, opinions and a greater understanding of the world around us. And for some, the part of understanding comes sooner than later. As we grow up, we are influenced by the incredible world around us and it's from there that we…

Why It’s Okay For Freshman To Do The Taboo Thing And Transfer Schools

By Max Karp
Right about now, you’re probably just starting your second semester of change – I mean, college. Five months ago you were just a "child," sheltered by the very parents that raised you to this point. The jail cell they call high school let you free,…

Why I'm Not Bitter My Picture-Perfect Relationship Ended

By Max Karp
In just a matter of hours, I went from the happiest guy in a powerful relationship to a single guy among 40,000 random students. Now, a few weeks later, I'm still trying to make sense of what happened. If there's anything I want to say to my ex,…

7 Subtle Ways A Guy Will Show He's Head Over Heels For You

By Max Karp
If I had a penny for every time I heard a woman say, “All guys are assh*les,” I’d be rich. I'd be absolutely loaded. But, how often do you hear women raving about how great a guy is? Sure, plenty of guys fall into the douchebag category, but not all…