Maura Hughes


Maura is a writer and entrepreneur living in Washington, DC. She loves movies and a good margarita and dreams of someday traveling the world. You can follow her at her blog

The Debate Women Can't Win: High Maintenance vs. Low Maintenance

By Maura Hughes
We live in a world full of different kinds of relationships. We have open relationships, friends with benefits, online relationships, long-distance relationships, civil unions, domestic partnerships and the list goes on. You can meet your life…

10 Classes That Aren't Offered In College But Probably Should Be

By Maura Hughes
Most college students spend their years believing that their hard work is preparing them for post-grad life. In between the parties, the extracurriculars and the odd jobs, they spend a lot of time studying in the library, meeting with their advisors…

10 Reasons Why The Holiday Season Is Better When You're An Adult

By Maura Hughes
For most of us, life is simpler when you’re a child. It’s a well-known fact. The happiest and most free I ever was at 6 years old. While I notice the improvements that come with age, I also feel that life gets more difficult and much more…

Single Girl For Life? Why I Wish I Found Love Earlier In Life

By Maura Hughes
I’m a single, late 20-something woman who has often scoffed at marriage, specifically the societal expectations of when I should marry. I’ve been known to spout off the occasional lecture on the pressures we put on each other and ourselves to marry,…

Hindsight Is 20/20, But Regrets May Be The Best Thing For You

By Maura Hughes
We live amidst a YOLO culture. We promise ourselves that we won’t have regrets and that we only live once, so we excuse our mistakes and forget about our missteps. But, we might be underestimating the importance of a life with regrets. After all,…