Matt Deadrick

Maryland Grad and current DC resident with a passion for typing funny things. Huge fan of Bumble. Rec League loudmouth. Writing for both sexes to appreciate. Frequently sarcastic, rarely serious, always inappropriate, but with a goal in mind.

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3 Ways To Stretch Your Last Paycheck When You're Suddenly Broke AF

Sh*t. It's time for the dreaded, Monday morning statement check. Hold your breath. It’s not going to be pretty. Nice job, Rick Ross. You forgot all about your sober, self-proclaimed "allowance" this weekend when you dropped $200 on a table at the clu…
By Matt Deadrick

The 3-Step Guide To Surviving A Killer Hangover At Work

Oh no, not again. You told yourself this wouldn’t happen again. Your “I’ll just have two to three beers at happy hour after work to watch the game” promise turned into a full-blown Wildcard Weekday complete with gallons of booze, some gross late-nigh…
By Matt Deadrick

4 Things To Know Before Moving In With Roommates Of The Opposite Sex

Congratulations, you've become mature enough to explore living situations outside the traditional comfort zone of your own sex. Many people may not like the idea of living with the opposite sex for a variety of reasons, but I'm here to tell you it ca…
By Matt Deadrick