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Your Technology Addiction Is Actually The Secret To Losing Weight Without The Gym

The increasing use of technology has many experts worried. A staggering number of people have become reliant on the convenience new technologies bring. This dependence has resulted in less physical exercise and more "lazy" hours throughout the day. A…
By Matei Gavril

How To Start Saving As A Teenager So The Rest Of Your Life Is Easier

Teenagers often find it very hard to hold onto cash, and they don't even consider saving it. The fact that their friends are going around spending money on things they don't really need but want doesn't help either. Research says teens hardly ever sp…
By Matei Gavril

4 Tips You Can Follow Every Day To Improve Your Mental Health

Reports suggest that our mental health is deteriorating at a rapid pace. It's believed that more Americans suffer from mental health issues than people in any other country. There are many reasons for this that range from experts predicting another m…
By Matei Gavril

Why Gumball 3000 Is The Most Badass Car Race You've Never Heard Of

Car drivers and enthusiasts alike have April 30 marked prominently on their calendars. However, no one who truly loves automobiles can forget the date Gumball 3000 begins its annual, 3,000-mile journey. Last year, the luxury automotive road trip feat…
By Matei Gavril