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Hi! I'm the Co-Founder of Mommies and Co., the destination for busy, fabulous moms. I'm also a freelance TV producer and social media manager. I love writing, triple shots of espresso over ice, and family dance parties. #sleepisoverrated

Too Young, Too Soon: What It's Like Losing A Sibling To Childhood Cancer

By Marnie Nathanson
Cancer sucks. And, unfortunately, almost everyone we know has been touched with it in some way. We grow up as carefree children, protected by a bubble of innocence where we think the world is perfect. And, then, at some point, we grow up and reality…

10 Things All Mothers-To-Be Need To Know About Breastfeeding

By Marnie Nathanson
Yay! You're preggers! How extremely exciting. Your body is making some crazy changes, as I'm sure you've noticed. And while your due date approaches, you might start considering whether or not you'd like to breastfeed. Yes, it's weird having a tiny…

You're The Fun One: 10 Reasons Nothing Beats Being An Aunt Or Uncle

By Marnie Nathanson
When your brother or sister brings a human into the world, it's one of the craziest things you'll experience in life. They created a human that definitely looks like them, and he or she maybe even kind of looks like you. Weird. But hey, guess what?…

How Moms-To-Be Stay Sane During Wedding Season

By Marnie Nathanson
Two things happen during wedding season: you bond with the couple, and the bride brings you closer into her plans and asks your opinion on everything, or your bestie turns psycho. Your job is to show up on x date, in x dress, with x hairdo and…

Why A Pregnant Woman Would Rather Not Have You Touch Her Belly

By Marnie Nathanson
What's up with the obsession with rubbing pregnant women's bellies? Are we wearing signs that say "rub for good luck?" I honestly do not understand. Even before kids, when my uterus ached to be filled, I never took it upon myself to walk up to…