Marisa Strauss


Marisa is a contributing writer at Elite Daily, senior at Boston University & native New Yorker. She likes traveling, reading and sarcasm. For more of her, check her out: Instagram: @marisabstrauss

3 Reasons Why Being Overly Judgmental Hurts You More Than Anyone Else

By Marisa Strauss
We all can be judgmental — there's no doubt about this. It's hard not to talk about how someone from your high school got arrested, or how your ex-BFF secretly got married in Vegas and then quickly divorced over the summer. Humans love a good…

How Digital Personas Have Reinvented The 'First Impression'

By Marisa Strauss
"You can tell a lot about someone by a first impression," is a phrase with which I'm sure we are all familiar. This saying used to be based on physical interactions that happened in real time, but then social media came into the picture. If we went…

Crossbreed: How It Feels To Be Both An Introvert And Extrovert

By Marisa Strauss
You're not an extrovert, but you're also not an introvert — you're both. You can't place yourself into just one category because you are a perfect blend of the two. Merriam-Webster defines an extrovert as, "A friendly person who likes being with and…

You're Not Anti-Social, You're Secure: Why It's Cool To Be A Homebody

By Marisa Strauss
There was once a point in all of our lives when the idea of staying home on a Friday, Saturday or even a Thursday night seemed out of the question. The FOMO (fear of missing out) we would feel if we didn't go to a party or event would be off the…

She Likes Being On Top: 5 Signs You've Encountered A Social Climber

By Marisa Strauss
You fear them, you've been warned about them and worst of all, you've probably met at least one. That's right; at some point in your life, you met the infamous social climber, and chances are, it was not a pleasant encounter. It may not be obvious…

8 Lies Every Girl Tells To Convince Herself She's 'Over You'

By Marisa Strauss
Okay, let's face the facts: We have all denied our feelings to ourselves, and it sucks. The main reason we do it is because we believe that if we lie to ourselves enough, eventually the lie will become true. Unfortunately, it's not so easy. Numerous…

'Am I Doing This Right?': 5 Thoughts Every Girl With Anxiety Has While Having Sex

By Marisa Strauss
Have you ever had that heart-pounding, stomach twisting, paranoid feeling for absolutely no reason other than that the sky is blue? Congratulations, you have anxiety, just like I do. I've been anxious for as long as I can remember. My mind can't…