Maria Bellissimo


Maria Bellissimo was the protagonist of a sad, boring life until she turned her story into The Happiness Experiment. Follow her adventures at or on Twitter @thehappinessX.

Work To Live, Don't Live To Work: How To Maximize Work-Life Balance

By Maria Bellissimo
Work-life balance is the holy grail of employment. Personally, I would take a lower, but still fair, salary that comes with work-life balance over a higher salary that costs me my life. Because employers know that work-life balance is highly sought…

5 Reasons Why Talking To Strangers Adds An Exciting Element To Life

By Maria Bellissimo
For obvious safety concerns, we’re taught, as kids, not to talk to strangers. But, carrying a fear of strangers into adulthood is only limiting your social life. If you don’t talk to strangers, how do you expect to meet new people? How do plan to…

Why Setting Deadlines Will Never Give You The Happiness You Want

By Maria Bellissimo
I recently asked one of my girlfriends if she has a deadline for when she wants to get married. “I don’t care to get married,” she replied, “Or have kids.” I also don’t want kids, so there was no need to ask her why, but I was surprised this was…

5 Reasons Why Being The Oldest Sibling Means Being The Best Sibling

By Maria Bellissimo
I hear great things about being the youngest sibling. The youngest gets to do more with little convincing (or none at all); the youngest gets yelled at less over his or her lifetime than each of the older siblings did in high school alone; the…

5 Reasons Why Every Single Girl Needs A Wingwoman On Her Side

By Maria Bellissimo
All single girls need their wing women. Single life can be frustrating, but when your friends are there to urge you to talk to the cute guy at the bar, or to laugh with you when all potential with the guy you like goes to sh*t, it’s much less…

Why I Won't Date Anyone Unless I Can Picture Him As A Friend

By Maria Bellissimo
Because few people make it past one date with me, I’ve often been told that I don’t give guys a chance. To that I respond, "The first date is the chance." It doesn’t take longer than one date to assess whether or not a guy has future dating…

How To Have The Best NYE: Just Think Of It As 'Wednesday'

By Maria Bellissimo
Are you newly single and stressing out about your New Year’s kiss? If so, please stop. Finding someone to kiss is an everyday problem in the single world. Welcome to it! Don’t turn a regular concern into a New Year’s Eve dilemma. This holiday is…

5 Undervalued Aspects Of Being Eternally Single In Your 20s

By Maria Bellissimo
I’m 25 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve kissed guys, slept with guys and been on dates that range from coffee to rock-climbing with guys, but I’ve never been in a relationship. Years of being single and wanting a commitment can easily…

4 Things To Consider The Next Time You Send A Booty Call Text

By Maria Bellissimo
Guys, if you are ready to send a booty call text, tread carefully. Even if a chick seems like she’d be cool with dropping by your place to give your hand a break, it would be foolish to assume there's no risk in sending the message. A booty text…