Margaret O'Brien


Margaret is an on-campus brand ambassador for Elite Daily. She has been subjecting Penn State University to her biting sarcasm and horribly corny jokes for the past three years, and will be sad to graduate in 2016. She spends her free time watching an obscene amount of Netflix and reading New England Patriots blogs. She dabbles in writing and public relations from time to time, but realistically, she plans to be an international pop star.

9 Things Only Girls Who Grew Up With Older Brothers Will Understand

By Margaret O'Brien
You love him. You hate him. You're stuck with him forever. A big brother is an irreplaceable presence in any girl's life. Sometimes, he is the bane of your very existence; other times, he is the sweet, fatherly guy who gives you advice and never…

Save Room For The Holy Ghost: 12 Signs You're A Catholic School Girl

By Margaret O'Brien
Do you have flashbacks when you pass by knee-highs in a department store? Do you hum church hymns in the shower? Do you dream in plaid? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be a former Catholic school girl. Now, there are…

Youngest Child Problems: 9 Things Only The Baby Of The Family Gets

By Margaret O'Brien
Being the baby of the family isn’t always as glamorous as many people think. For years, oldest and middle children have been claiming that the youngest “gets away with everything” and is “clearly the favorite.” They have a sort of prejudice against…

11 Times Samantha Jones Laid Down The Law On Sex And Relationships

By Margaret O'Brien
There will always be times when we need someone to just tell it like it is – and that someone is Samantha Jones. No matter which of the four beautiful "Sex and the City" ladies is your personal favorite, Samantha is undoubtedly the one to say what…

9 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your True Soul Mate

By Margaret O'Brien
Your soul mate isn’t necessarily the man in your life. Of course, you love your boyfriend. He’s tall, handsome and an all-around great guy. He treats you well and you two couldn’t be happier. But, sometimes, the greatest love in your life can’t be…

10 Signs You Are Finally Becoming Your Mother

By Margaret O'Brien
She yelled at you to stop wearing so much eye makeup in middle school. She disapproved of your first serious boyfriend. She always noticed when you gained a few pounds and never failed to make a comment. She’s your mom. Mothers and daughters are…