Manuel Lavalle


Manuel Lavalle is documentary producer and editor based out of New York.

Therapy Dogs Help Children Learn How to Read

By Manuel Lavalle
Children across NYC are able to read to therapy dogs in many of New York City's public libraries, and it's pretty darn adorable. I mean, just look at these pooches! According to the Child Youth Care Forum, early research indicates reading to dogs…

This Father-Son Duo Has Given Away 1,600 Designer Suits To Men In Need

By Manuel Lavalle
He had been still for five minutes, staring hard into the mirror. His eyes carefully studied the man he saw in his reflection. His eyelids were growing puffy. I could see tears forming in the corners of his eyes. I asked, What are you seeing,…

This Guy Illegally Climbs to the Top of Skyscrapers Around the World

By Manuel Lavalle
Andrej Ciesielski has been illegally climbing skyscrapers since he was 15. By 18, he was climbing the last-standing wonder of the world, one of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt — which only took him eight minutes. The stunt garnered him the…

Republican Student Proves Women's March Belongs To Everyone

By Manuel Lavalle
Caroline calls herself a “New Jersey Republican.” In short, she's a socially liberal, fiscally conservative millennial. The scale teeters depending on the specific policies of the individual candidate. But this year, the social implications of a…

I Went 'Sensory Speed Dating' To Learn The Science Behind Attraction

By Manuel Lavalle
I'm sitting in the lounge area at the House of Yes. Everything is red. The lighting is red. The tablecloths are red. My face is red. I'm doing my best to hide my beaming cheeks in the shadows of the lounge area. Soft Cell's, "Tainted Love/ Where Did…

This Artist Travels The Country To Interview Strangers In Their Bathtubs

By Manuel Lavalle
How many different people have you taken a bath with? One Washington DC based artist probably puts your number to shame. Kri Van Sloun, who uses they/them pronouns, has taken over 40 baths with a mixture of strangers, acquaintances and friends since…

This Guy Is A 'Professional Cuddler' Who Actually Gets Paid To Hold Strangers

By Manuel Lavalle
It's noon on a Wednesday, and thick grey smoke billows out of the burning sage in Kan Seidel's hands. “Sage clears the air of bad and unwanted energies,” says Seidel. “I do this before every cuddle session.” Meet Kan Seidel, a professional cuddler…