Madison Tate

Just your average, non-traditional 20-something-year-old. Graduate student in Texas. Politely inappropriate meets strong-minded sarcasm.

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In Limbo: 9 Reasons To Cut Your Losses In A Dead-End Relationship

We’ve all witnessed this situation at some point before, either personally or from afar. Yet, even though we tell others to get out, it’s not so easy to take the same advice when your own emotions are personally invested. When I say limbo land, I’m r…
By Madison Tate

How It Feels To Not Have A Mom On Mother's Day

Just over a year ago, I got an unexpected text from my dad: "Honey, call me when you can." If you knew my father, then you would know this text held a certain serious-minded tone, one he rarely used. Although I never heard him speak the words aloud, …
By Madison Tate